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This app contains a set of tools that will make it easyer to play role playing games, and keep track of your characters. The app contains a Character Editor App, Dice roler, Items Lists, and SpellBook / Powers List. In other words everything you need to play roleplaying games. For now we support "Dungeons and dragons - Dnd 3.5" and "Dark Heresy - Warhammer", but later on it will extend with other systems.

The Character Sheet part of the app is a good substitude of the paper versions. Here you can easily create add and edit values of your character sheet and in the end of the day backup everything on SkyDrive.

The Dice Roler, is a simple but effective tool for roling dices. Especialy if you need to role allot of dices, then it's easy to punch in the dices in the app. Press 'Role' and se the total.

The Items list part, is a verry simple editor where you can punch in the items your character has in the backpack.

As an adtion to the app a new SpellBook part has been created, here you can set up a list of the spells (for Dnd) or Powers (for Heresy) that your character has. The app then gives you a brife description of the Spell, and a quick refference to where in the books you can find the full description.

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Windows 8 (RT & Pro)

Role-play, Dice Roller, Backpack, Dnd 3.5, Dungeons and dragons, Spells, Dark Heresy

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